Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogging with Daniel Howes

Below are comments to Detroit News Columnist Danny Howes. For Howes, who somehow escapes the massive poverty that is on very corner of Detroit, workers should always be cheaper and poorer, and; the power elites are just fine:

Tue. 11/11/08 08:38 AM
hourly pay (GM)

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Yes, Sean is right. American autoworkers are among the world's hardest workers and most have the work injuries to prove it. But rather than appreciation for their labor, human spirit and virtue, all they get is disparagement from the rich.

And that is the real basis of the American poverty problem, the elite have nearly succeeded in destroying the goodness of most working people. They have attacked production talent & quality, cheapened production and betrayed our communities.

They have practically obliterated the truth that an economy is not for making a few people filthy rich. They deny the very purpose of an economy, that economies are to put food on everyone's table, to provide happy future's for all our children and to elevate the human condtion.

Because of the immense influence and power of these greedy elites - and we can count the anti-worker, modern and thoughtless UAW as no longer part of us but them - we are now in a crisis of epic proportions. Obviously, as we can see right here in this blog, the cheerleaders of the elite are going to use this crisis to punish the folks who do the work while protecting and extending the crooks who disabled American quality production for dog-eat-dog profit maximization.

We need to stand up and fight these people.

There is the need for a bailout but the bailout must redress the faulty auto production systems.

As bailout conditions, we should demand the government:

1. Give Equity Shares to the folks who do the work in auto.

2. Return production to the folks who own the tools.

3. Revolutionize the unions to Auto Guilds to free and enhance engineering so that the people who do the work, truly work together in inspirational settings and make the calls in product conception, production design and quality of worklife.

4. Insure that all the workers in the industry are paid comfortable wages and benefits as well as profit sharing.

5. Return to the eight-hour day, 40-hour week with the 4-day, 32-hour week a close objective so as to raise employment.

6. Return to the truth that commerce exists to serve the community.

Gravedigger (Tom Laney)

Colfax, WI
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Tue. 11/11/08 06:59 AM
hourly pay (GM)

See related article

I just wanted to comment on this subject..It makes me upset to read about this subject, I come from a GM family. My father, husband, brother and uncles have worked for the automaker. I just wanted you people to understand one thing..they deserve every bit of pay they receive. My husband did not always work for GM, he has 10 years and let me tell you something, they work there butts off..I have seen everything, my husband would come home with bruises on his shoulder from putting footrails on trucks, seen my brother with bruuses from putting motors in vehicles(across his stomach from trying to reach in) so dont you dare, to know or tell me that they are not worthy of their pay. All you people do is complain when all your job entails either pushing pencils or pushing buttons on a computer. Heres an idea..why don't YOU go and TRY to do their job and lets see how far you get. TRUST me its not easy, I would like each and every one of you to go to a GM assembly plant and watch these men and women come out of these plants after work, the first time I did I cried, these men and women work soo hard and they age at an unbeleivable rate. Theres nothing more demeaning than to work on a assembly line, and my husband does this day after day just to provide for his family. SO the next tome you feel the urge to complain, do me a favor and stop and take a look first, then walk a mile in those men and women shoes then come and lets hear what you have to say then!!

shawn1234, rochester hills, mi

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