Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Buying Chrysler

So now Chrysler may be sold off in pieces to various car companies.

Not in the buy line are the most logical buyers, the Chrysler workers: the managers, engineers, designers, skilled trades and production workers are left out of any purchase plan.

The Chrysler sale is yet another opportunity for the UAW to put their cash where their big mouths are. If the UAW is truly committed to the production of sane cars and trucks, they could easily purchase Chrysler and establish Guild Production along the lines of Mondragon.

What American auto production really needs is a production system revolution. Cuurently American auto production is controlled by marketers. We need production to be controlled by the most knowledgeable - the people who own the tools and do the work.

Long background story made short: The UAW long ago took the wrong turn in its own development. Internal wars into the late 1940's, between Marxists-Leninists-Trotkyists-Stalinists-Socialists and Trade Unionists led to the consolidation of UAW power by Capitalists. It's been all downhill for autoworkers since the UAW adopted the competitive values of the corporation in the place of Solidarity. The UAW led all the big unions down the path of corporatism leaving American workers without a Trade Union Movement.

What if the UAW once it had developed the power of Solidarity had used it to take over production to run it in a common sense way to benefit American Society by winning good josb for all? Certainly our country - and world - would be much healthier today.

The UAW, with its $billions, IF it is not quite as dead yet as I think it is, could still recover its principles. The late great union has another opportunity to not only act like a union but to revolutionize auto production by purchasing Chrysler and turning it over to the true auto production experts - the Chrysler workers.

The Chrysler Local Unions then would be expanded to include all the workers from design to engineering to trades and production in a production sytem that would be so inspirational and quality-oriented it would crank out the world's best autos.

They're already doing this at Mondragon.

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